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This price list reflects prices, FOB Tulsa, in effect at the time of update. It is subject to changes without notice and orders are subject to confirmation by us. Oklahoma residents add applicable sales tax.

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Zephyrus Weather Products

Complete WX-14 System Package

Package Includes:
WX-14 EMWIN Receiver
WX-14 User Manual
6’ USB Cable
6’ Ethernet Cable
6’ Serial Data Cable
WX-14 Config/Monitor Software
Weather Message Software
Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
Grid Antenna with AZ/EL Adjust
Antenna Mount – Tripod or Rectangular
100’ RG6 Coax Cable

WX-14 RX Receiver Only $1195.00
WX-LNA/Grid LNA and Grid Antenna w/ AZ/EL Adjust $795.00
WX-LNF "Legacy" Low Noise Feed $425.00
WX-MNT-Tripod Tripod Antenna Mount (3-Blk) $75.00
WX-MNT-Rect Rectangular Antenna Mount (8-Blk) $75.00
WX-14/1RU 1RU Rack mount frame - Holds one or two WX14 receivers $75.00
Shipping Charges for Weather Systems
Single Antenna System Prepaid Surface shipping for Single Antenna System (WX-14/ANT1) $75.00
Dual Antenna System Prepaid Surface shipping for Dual Antenna System (WX-14/ANT2) $150.00
300 Series Products
304 Mainframe $125.00
331 Mono FM modulator $300.00
332 Stereo FM modulator $350.00
381 3 Function tone decoder $325.00
383 6 or 15 function tone decoder $700.00
383 BCD option for 383 $100.00
389 Tone Encoder $750.00

TERMS: Due on receipt (with approved credit).
WARRANTY: One year FOB factory

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