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WX-14 EMWIN Data Receive System

!!! WX-14 is currently End of Life and not reccomended for new purchases !!!

The WX-14 is a complete hardware solution for reception and demodulation of the National Weather Service's "EMWIN N" data stream. The WX-14 will lock onto signal and output EMWIN data in just seconds. Plus, if signal is interrupted for any reason, the WX-14 will re-lock in seconds.

In "Dish Alignment" mode, the receiver locks to signal fast enough that it may be used to locate signal and peak the antenna.

The WX-14 provides EMWIN data on multiple outputs simultaneously providing the end user with both local and remote connection options for data.

See our Product Manuals page for complete Technical Specifications, Installation, and Software Manuals for the WX-14 Receiver.

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