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The WX-14 EMWIN Data Receiver is Now Available!

"No one looks at the radar on a clear day"

For the most part, very true statement. However, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, it is good to know that you have immediate and reliable access to emergency alert information. The Zephyrus WX-14 EMWIN Data Receiver will be your GOTO source to get the information you need. The most expedient and reliable reception of this information will include the Zephyrus WX-14 satellite data receive system. You feed demodulated EMWIN data directly from the WX-14 receiver to your weather alert software. It's that simple! We do not require a specific computer sound card and specific software to demodulate and decode the EMWIN data stream.

"What's the first thing to go when a tornado is heading your way? LAND LINES!"

Land lines are great, we use them every day and they work, most of the time! I have no control of land lines outside of my own facilities, do you? I also cannot make everyone in the area except myself not use the Internet when there is inclement weather in my area. If you want or, more importantly, need reliability, you need the Zephyrus WX-14 satellite receive system for your EMWIN data reception. City Emergency Operations Centers, Mass Notification Systems, TV Stations, Radio Stations, School Campuses, Public Gathering Venues, Refineries, Nuclear Facilities, etc. should NOT be without a WX-14 EMWIN data receiver, or two of them, if your requirement is complete system redundancy.

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